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Having a bad day?

Need a little gift just for you?

Want a Little Package of Sunshine?

What is the one thing in the needlepoint world we all love that just makes us smile?


Become a Magnet Maven and get a “Pick Me Up” whenever you want one.  Just give us a call, email us, PM us, send smoke signals whatever floats your boat, and we’ll send you a little goody package.  Inside will be one brand spankin new magnet.  These are limited edition/exclusive to us magnets!

This isn’t necessarily a monthly ship, this is simply when you tell us to send you one.  It can be with something else or by itself.

It can be monthly if you wish it.  You tell us what makes you smile.

You can spread them out, get a bunch all at once, again, whatever makes you smile.  This is just for you!

Or pay it forward and gift it to a friend who needs a bit of sunshine.

And because you know I love to twist things up a bit there will be “Golden Tickets” sent out every so often.  Find a golden ticket in your box and get a discount on purchase, a gift certificate or some other surprise gift.


now for the fine print….
We promise not to send you the same magnet twice.  We’ll track that.  We have only a small number of each design so if you want more than one a month you can do that.  You don’t want to miss any.  They are all too cute!

Shipment if sent alone will not exceed $27.00 including shipping + MD Sales tax if you live in Maryland.

Registration fee is $25 for those of you who want the magnets sent randomly.  This is a registration fee.  It is not applied to any shipment.  It will be used to fund your account in case your cc is declined when we send your package.  There would be nothing worse than requesting a special pick me up and then receiving a call that your card won’t work.  We’ll wait a few days for that call.

Magnets will ship one day per week, not necessarily the day you order.

If you choose to be a monthly participant the magnets will ship on or near the 10th of the month and there will be no registration fee!

Sorry, no returns or exchanges on magnets

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